Dharmik International

Company Structure

With office based in Bangalore and having service Branches at Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi  and an International networks of partners and agents as we Truly global player.

Vision and Strategy

Dharmik International vision is supported by 4 Focus strategic areas that are set our High Ambitions Want to be a leading global supplier, fulfilling Customer needs towards Air /Sea Freight, Customs clearance, Transport and Compliance and Logistics Servicing. Aiming extensive growth and being among the most reliable and profitable in our Industry platform.

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Our culture & our Services are defined by our Local & Global value.  Our beliefs are driven by same wherever you meet us.

Our Values are all about putting our valued customers first, performing at our best by having a true and honest collaboration, Therefore, it is the most important for Dharmik International to know if you are satisfied with our capabilities to solve your Customs clearance, Logistics, Transport and compliance.

Dharmik International will be sending an e-mail invitation to take part in the event twice a year. We highly appreciate your response and you can be assured that, we responds & act on all our valued customers feedback at management level if necessary.  We club & combine the survey results with obtained in our day to day dialogue with you & find solution to make your experience with Dharmik International as genuine business partner. We both address challenges and ideas improvements on a local and global level.

Mapping the customers feedback on experience of our services is a natural part of the way of Dharmik International operates. It indeed helps us identity our strengths as well as areas for improvements. Improvement is perhaps the most focus point of the service event.

For us Customer is first – We deliver customer experience & high quality of services. We are proactive while dealing & work hard to retain the customer. We make comfortable for our customers to do business with Dharmik International.

Customer Statement

We offer our valuable customers local and global – competitive transport, Customs Clearance, compliance and logistics services for consisting of high quality.


We are actively pursuing profitable growth balanced between present market organic growth and an active expansion approach.

Operation Excellence

In our business process it is an crucial in order to operate with the highest productivity, proceed towards competitive & deliver on time & with high quality services to our valued customers.

Customer Success

You help us improve and develop in our Services since from the inception and is designed to give us a better & good understanding of our customers and indeed they are happy with our services.

Performance levels

Best & Par at Performance levels– We are transparent & driven by high results. We work together as one Dharmik at Local & Global network.  We are driven by Local Empowerment and Entrepreneurship.

True Collaboration & Business Partner– We take the ownership & show the initiative. We collaborate & communicate in a professional & respectful way.  We practice & welcome open dialogue.

Careers way in Dharmik International – We welcomes with open arm to work with us in all the dimensions of logistics and customs clearance. Job Areas & Openings, Approach our people, be with Young Team of Dharmik International. 

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Funding- The Investment have pumped in by local entrepreneur.

Mode of Transport

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Dharmik International

Trust and Commitment  

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Logistics Solution

Customs clearance & Delivery, Warehousing, Fulfillment of 3rd party logistics, Freight Forwarding, Compliance

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Monitoring systems

Monitoring systems enabling each module namely Freight forwarding, Customs Clearance, International Courier (Intermediate Agents) and Compliance to be perform & protect the financial support continuously.