Most frequent questions and answers

At Dharmik International our core objective is to get your shipment safely to its desination in the same condition it was sent. The next time with Dharmik International, you can do your part of reviewing our packages tips on how to pack your shipment for safe delivers & to follow our guidelines.

Cushion it, choose cushioning of appropriate density & thickness & use enough to fill all void spaces in your shipping container.

Box It: Choose a convenient container that is large enough to accommodate the proper thickness of cushioning material.

Seal It: Apply the transportation label with the recipient’s complete address, name, and contact number on the most visible side of the container or package away from any folds or seams

Currency, Dangerous Goods, Precious & Semi precious Items, commodities banned or restricted as per Indian Customs any given time with or without prior notice, Any transport which would be likely to cause the damage, lag to equipment, personnel or other shipments,  Liquids or semi liquids, Any item whose carriage is prohibited by any statutory or regulatory of the country or Origin or destination or of any country which the shipment may transit, Live animals & Plants, Tobacco & Tobacco products, Perfumes, after shave & other similar fragrance, Poisons, Cosmetic items, Dangerous goods/ Hazardous materials (Following IATA Regulation for Express & Expedited & following ADR regulatory for standards), Explosive